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Do  you have a standard 5' x 8' bathroom (includes tub/shower, vanity, toilet) that could use a face-lift? And you are looking to stay within a reasonable budget?

This package brings it back to the studs! 

The value package includes the cost for a complete renovation - Back to studs!:


A template budget/quote will be provided for the material within the value package.

For example, floor tiles must be 12" x 24" to fit within the value package quote. Any other size tile or pattern becomes custom and needs to be priced by a tiler and may incur an additional cost.

What does a standard 5' x 8' bathroom look like?

Standard Layout:

Potential final Designs:

I like everything I am hearing so far, so what does my budget need to be?

We have worked hard with our trades and partners, so that we can build you a bathroom like for one low price that includes the cost of licensed trades, tile setters and carpenters. It's not a handyman special!  The cost for your labour is approximately $16,000 (plus hst)

oh no! Materials like tile, faucets, vanities can add a lot to the price!

Well, not to worry we have worked hard with our local retail partners to get some really amazing deals! In some cases they have given us up to 40% off! Most people spend about $3,000 in finishing materials, but you can do it for a lot less (ask us how)!

If the value bathroom package seems like the right renovation path for you than don't wait! Contact us today for a Complete breakdown of the Budget and Project Plan. 

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