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It is no wonder that we complete so many kitchen renovations, after all it is considered the heart of the home! Family holidays, dinner parties with friends, hungry children - everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen. This high-traffic area can get outdated quickly requiring a renovation ever decade or so. We have completed many successful kitchen renovations to-date. From large scale remodels that involve removing walls and rearranging appliances to small updates to cabinetry, flooring etc., we welcome the challenge of making your kitchen a space to gather with loved ones for many years to come!

Some important considerations before embarking on a kitchen renovation:

  • Consider your budget: this can be the most daunting task but one you should tackle first. Look into what materials cost and find ways to make thinks work within your budge. We are experts in this as well so be transparent about your budget and we will try our best to work within your parameters.

  • Examine your existing layout: changes to the existing layout cost more money. Consider if you really want to move appliances. Will this increase the functionality of the current layout? 

  • Think about your appliance needs:  if you are someone who wants a commercial range or fridge, or a specific hood range this should be decided and shared well in advance. Appliances are various depths and widths and layouts for cabinets and electrical/plumbing will change depending on the appliances.

Check out some of our recent kitchen finishings that will have you drooling over something other than the pizza you could be serving on these kitchen countertops!:

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