We couldn't be happier! From start to finish Ryan was honest, transparent and responsive. All three things we found were hard to find in other contractors. Throughout the process Ryan provided his expertise and made what could have been an overwhelming and daunting project an enjoyable one.


Media Release Sept 2022

This month Ryan made an appearance on the local tv show Daytime to talk about how to find a good contractor and what BCG is up to next!

And that is - We will be working with ExtremeLine Productions again to find and renovate Ottawa's Ugliest Bathroom!


Media Release Sept 2022

We are looking for Ottawa's Ugliest Bathroom! Do you think your bathroom is the UGLIEST, if so you could win $5,000 off the renovation! 

This winter,  ExtremeLine Productions will follow the team at Branton Construction while they find and renovate Ottawa's Ugliest Bathroom.


Media Release Nov 2021

 Extremeline Productions is following and documenting Ryan and his team as they create the dream bathroom this mother should have received the first time around.

There is no doubt about it: Hiring a contractor is a scary proposition! You're about to trust a stranger with your largest investment.  Well, now you can get to know the entire Branton Construction crew by watching this 2-episode show created by ExtremeLine Productions! 

If they can fix this mess, just imagine what they’d be able to do in your home!

Branton Constrcution_Extremeline Production.jpg