Below you will find two episodes (30 minutes each) of the pilot for Branton Construction Group's television series. Both of these episodes represent the best 60 minutes of video we were able to piece together for this project.  It can easily be tailored and trimmed down to 22 minutes per episode, or any other length requirements, depending on your coverage needs. 


We are sharing this with you you today to introduce you to Ryan and our construction company. We recently worked with another production company here in Ottawa to make some corporate videos for our company but it actually turned into a television style show about a botched renovation. Our plan was to highlight the wonderful trades and people that work for our company. As such it’s a very hands on/teaching based renovation show that follows Ryan and each trade while they repair the previous contractor's work.


As a visual think the best of Bryan Baeumler and Mike Holmes mixed into one. When we started the project it was meant to be a marketing tool. As such we did not involve the homeowner or play on the over done emotional tropes that a typical HGTV style renovation show does. Rather we do spend time with each trade getting to know them and what skills they have. You also get to see an inside look at how difficult contracting can be. Ultimately the show demonstrates how skilled trades can transform any project from DIY-level to EXPERT-level.

We submit this 2 part series to you as our casting video. We believe a show like this, that has a strong focus on the trades is needed in the market and would be widely marketable to today's audiences. Something that dives deeper than the drama based theatrical story into the nuts and bolts of the foundational work we cannot always see that if done incorrectly can really mess up the aesthetics and function of a space.

Of course we completely own the rights to these videos. But would be very interested in talking to you about doing more videos. 

Here are the two videos for your review and interest:

Promo 1

Promo 2

Part one


Part Two

25:32 mins