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Branton Construction Group, in collaboration with Extremeline Productions, has recently taken on a bathroom renovation to support a local single mom in Orleans, Ontario who experienced first hand what can happen when you put the wrong contractor on a renovation. The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in people working from home and thus wanting to modernize their current living spaces. It is not surprising then that we are now seeing "botched jobs" and hearing the stories of work gone wrong. Local Ottawa homeowners who paid too much for a job that either was never finished, cost them double what it should have or both. Extremeline Productions is following and documenting Ryan and his team as they create the dream bathroom this mother should have received the first time around. 

Sounds exciting - well it is! Can't wait to see the full episode? Good news, you don't have to. Check it out right now!


​Ryan Branton and his team of trusted trades have successfully serviced the Ottawa area for just over 7 years. They have transformed kitchens, bathrooms, basements, decks and other home environments for many local Ottawans with superb reviews and referrals. 

Formal listing of awards:


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