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Video Project

This spring ExtremeLine Productions followed the crew at Branton Construction while they fixed a botched bathroom renovation here in Ottawa!

The Story  - Lize's story started like many others; She wanted to renovate a basement bathroom to modernize the space. The initial contractor she hired, in mid-June 2020 during the first-wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, promised a 3 week renovation project. Sadly, 7 months later and she was left with an unfinished bathroom!


Why are we telling this story? - So that others, like yourself, can learn from her experience and choose an experienced contractor, who relies on trusted trades, from the onset of your project. 


How did Lize's Story end? Since experts and trusted trades were used Lize's story ends with a fully functional and esthetically pleasing basement bathroom that she and her daughter can now use and love!

No Special effects here! You'll see things unfold as they happen! Camera in the way, mistakes made - This is the best kind of reality TV! 

Part one

See how Lize's renovation begins and how Ryan and his team start to uncover issue after issue. Tune in to see how the team devises a plan to fix this botched renovation! 

Part Two

The new more functional bathroom layout plan is developed and the trades get to work fixing the electrical, plumbing and tile work to perfection. Learn from the skilled trades what it takes to save this bathroom renovation!

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