Are you looking for a handyman for your rental?

Before you search Kijiji for a fly-by-night uninsured handyman or consider hiring a property manager that eats into your profit, Lets Talk!

Branton Construction Group can be your onsite handyman for your rental properties!

With our monthly service plan you get:

  • 24/7 Monitored Phone Number for all tenants

  • No extra charge for urgent requests*

  • Online form for standard requests

  • Unlimited visits scheduled within 24 hours of request (non-urgent) and if we have the tool in the truck, we fix the issue on the spot for no charge*

  • Unlimited Coordination of trades (plumbers, roofers, electricians) for quotes.

  • Included furnace filters replacements every 3 months with rental walk through with report back to landlord

  • Replacement of fire alarm/co detector batteries once a year

  • Draining of outside taps in preparation for winter

  • Training walk through for new tenants (water shut offs, fire alarms, etc)

All this for $600 a year!

Click Here to Sign Up or  613-408-4153 for more details