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Here at Branton Construction Group we are lucky to have our very own in-house expert that can help you with your design choices to ensure they fit within your budget. This is a definite perk of choosing us for your next renovation project. Many other construction firms do not provide interior design services and/or they cost a lot of extra money.

For small renovations this service is provided in the labour quote at no additional cost!

Meet the expert:

Chun has been with Branton Construction Group since November 2020.

She can help homeowners to:

  • choose floor and wall tile that fits your design and budget

  • research the best places to purchase baths, showers, and vanities from online pictures that inspire your design

  • help you decide on materials that work for your timeline

  • be the go-between you and our vendors

  • be a phone call or text away to help move design decisions forward to keep the project on schedule

Dawn from Ottawa said "Chun was so responsive with messaging from small details to bigger requests related to purchasing. Our bathroom looks so fresh!". 

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